Encryption and Security

2 minute read

by Jon

November 15, 2014

While 99% of this blog will be about cinematography, I think it’s important that we’re all having a conversation about how we’re communicating online. This post is my contribution to that conversation.  I am an advocate for free and secure communications for everyone, and hope that one day all digital communications will be truly secure, end to end, without leaking metadata, by default.

While the tools of encryption are complicated and can be intimidating, they are all becoming more and more affordable.  To that end, I use HTTPS for this website, and advocate for standards and groups that make encryption and message signing easier, safer, and free.  Here are a few that I endorse, and personally use.

Cloudflare  – If you have a website, you can support HTTPS, for free.

Open Whisper – You can use Open Whisper to make your messages and phone calls secure on iPhone and Android.  It uses your SMS number, and easily replaces multiple (less secure) message services like Google Hangouts and iMessenger.  I use it, attached to my primary phone number.

VPN Service by NordVPN – Your communications are only secure if you have a trusted device, connected with encryption to another trusted device.  I choose to use NordVPN as my VPN provider, because I trust their system and their company. If you use the link above, they’ll give us both 20% off.