Never Been Clearer

Cinematographer — Internal Video — School Specialty

DP's Notes

Sometimes, rebranding a company needs to start from the inside and move out. School Specialty has provided supplies to education for decades, and chose Detonator as their agency for their rebrand. Management was eager to showcase their new direction, and kick off their annual meeting in Las Vegas with a high-energy, motivational short video. We were successful, earning a standing ovation.

The script called for a single faceless actor, and it took some creativity to show a character for almost two minutes without revealing his face. We opted to shoot the entire video inside Schlitz Audobon Park, which offers incredible views and a gorgeous shoreline right outside Mequon, Wisconsin. I chose to shoot the bulk of the piece in 96 fps, giving it a weighty feel and complimenting the sweeping music track. Rokinon Cine DS lenses were chosen for their unique flares when shooting into the sun.


Panasonic GH4, Rokinon Cine DS prime lenses